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Talent recruitment

    SEO optimization engineer

    hiring intentions: full-time number: 4 gender requirements: open

    requirements education: College degree or above required age: 20-40 years of required experience: more than one year


    main duties:

    1. the promotion and visibility of the network is responsible for the company's products;

    2. According to site features targeted online outreach, on soft paper, Forum, links and other Web promotion methods and means to know, and have 2 years of hands-on experience;

    3. According to the company's products and website features, promotion goals set and extension programme, and in line with market and rational planning of mining online users;

    4. responsible for site optimization program to develop, implement, and is responsible for software writing, Community promotion and search engine optimization;

    5. through effective means and in all major portals and Web site on the major search engines promotion, strict monitoring of the implementation process, timely follow-up effects, propose adjustments according to the promotion effect;

    6. co-operation with major advertising platforms, use of multimedia marketing for promotion;

    7. is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of partner sites.


    Web design/production/art

    hiring intentions: full-time recruitment: 1 gender requirements: open

    requirements education: College degree or above Requirements age: 20-40 years of required experience: for more than two years


    1, degree or above majoring in art design, with two years experience in Web design, there is an independent Web site building experience, mature site works

    2, can skilled use of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and other related software

    3, proficient in HTML and CSS, familiar div + CSS layout and the major browsers compatibility

    4, serious and responsible, able to work under pressure


    software development intern

    hiring intentions: full-time number: 10 gender requirements: open

    requirements education: College degree or above required age: 20-40 required experience: open


    1, computer or related, junior college degree or above.

    2, long term development in the IT industry, love of programming.

    3, have some basic programming language.

    Xian Yi Cong software professional, attentive, focused work attitude, for staff to create a relaxed, happy and motivated work environment.

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